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O Tasco

There are those who say we’re living the end of an era. Nothing will ever be the way it was. And there are those who claim that the Welfare State is finished – and that with labour migrating to other parts of the world, where it’s cheaper, there won’t be “jobs for all” on the old continent.
Bruno Filipe Pires, Edition 589 (21 Jul 2010), No Comments »
Bruno Filipe Pires

The worst of it is that these days, the present moves so fast that it’s impossible to predict the future, even in the short-term. But, taking all this onboard, sometimes it’s good to turn away from all the publicised doom and gloom - if only to try to maintain one’s sanity (even if all the doubts and uncertainties try following you to the table to swallow your appetite).

This time, we found some peace of mind in a bucolic restaurant near the Megalithic ruins of Alcalar, on the outskirts of Portimão.

Perhaps the men and women who lived here in the 3rd Millennium before Christ also worried about their survival – how tomorrow might be (?), in which case, Humanity really hasn’t evolved at all. But, enough of these moribund ramblings…

Open for the last 12 years or so, «o Tasco» is everything that you could hope for in a country restaurant.

Rustic, pleasant (the detail of the cushions on the chairs outside on the terrace is delicious!) and with a truly fantastic kitchen.

As a starter, we tried the homemade tuna paté with tomato and garlic butter. Specialities here are: Roast Duck with Orange (€10.75), Medallions of Pork with mushrooms (€9.50), chicken curry (€8.50), Prawn curry (€9.90), Beef steak with a mushroom sauce (€12.50), Steak “tournedos” with mushroom sauce (€15.90), Fried prawns with garlic and piri-piri (€11), and Lamb Stew (€11.50).

Now, of course, we’re all paying 13 per cent VAT to save our nation from the abyss… For our visit, we chose the dish of the day – “cachaço de porco no forno” (roasted pork neck - €6), which was sublime. Washed down with a draught green wine, with a “bica” coffee chaser, it was the perfect kick-start to haul back into the rat-race. See you all next week!

Specialities: see above; Hours: Lunches from midday to 2.45pm; Dinners from 6.45pm to 10pm; Bar service from midday to 11pm. Closed Sundays; Bank cards: Multibanco; Drinks: good selection with wines from the Algarve + even “Kiwi Sangria” (€8); Bill: €12.50 for 1; Owner: Matias Vicente, Unipessoal Lda.; NIF 506 111 296.

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