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Restaurante Tokyo

Maybe this just is a new fad, but there’s a whole generation of Asiatic restaurants finding a place in the Algarve sunshine – even during this troubled winter.
Bruno Filipe Pires, 16 Mar 2010 04:49 pm, No Comments »
Bruno Filipe Pires

Their philosophy is “low cost”, and at lunchtime this particular outlet attracts the local young people. The dining room is small, red and decorated with paintings of Geishas and other Japanese-inspired images. It’s not an “empire of the senses”, but the food here is certainly a pleasure – and simple. You choose a table and serve yourself, as many times as you like.

The meal costs €9.90. There’s a huge variety of sushi - starting with makizushi (the classic rice cakes encasing “nori” seaweed), and delicious futomaki (filled with fruit and fish).

There’s an area with cooked food – miso soup and pasta with vegetables; another with raw – prawns, pork and beef. Take whichever piece you want, and ask for it to be grilled. And while it goes to be cooked, you can watch the sushi being prepared before it goes straight to the buffet.

It’s wonderful to see that everything is fresh. Intriguingly, sushi – which has been a tradition for more than 400 years – was simply a way of conserving fish that used to be salted and kept for a number of days before being consumed.

At dinner, things change slightly: the price per person increases - €14.90, but the advantage is that you receive a menu with photographs of the 64 delicacies of Japanese gastronomy that are waiting for your choice.

As before, you can ask for whatever you want, as many times as you like – but remember, as at lunchtimes, drinks are “extra” and have to be paid for separately.

We’d recommend that you leave some space for the Green Tea ice cream, and slake your thirst with an ice-cold Japanese beer. Enjoy a whole new experience in tastes!

Specialities: Japanese cuisine as described; Hours: Open every day from 11.30am - 3pm and from 5.30pm - 11pm; Drinks: Portuguese and Japanese beers & soft drinks, sake; Bankcards: Visa & Multibanco; Parking: Car park nearby; Bill: €12.90 (1 person without dessert); Owner: Shufang Wu; NIF 250 637 871.

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